ETMRC Dispatchers Panel

Rob D Blog 11 March 20178


We finished the paint job on the new dispatchers table and then in the near future had it installed. We also managed to not paint each other during the process.


Here it is ready to be used. More later!

Rob D Blog 16 September 2017

There was some discussion on another thread regarding pull out trays for electronic components. Lots of good information was shared and different opinions regarding various aspects were discussed. I put my oar in and put some photos in regarding the things used along those lines at our club layouts. I thought it might be nice to share some of that on here as well since it is something that is done at the club.


One thing that was discussed was the durability of wire connecting things if it is subject to movement. Here several cables can be seen going to the dispatchers panel. They have been subject to movement and appear none the worse for wear. Webmaster comment — The L70 terminal board was required because the cabe was too short. Used telephone cable was scrounged and thereby recycled instead of scrapped.


Now here we have the dispatchers panel which can be moved away from the wall when needed.


Now we can see the rear of the panel and find lots of small wire bundled together. When you think about it is really rather amazing what a bunch of electrons can accomplish if they get to all the right places at the right time.

Rob D Blog 03 November 2014

Just for grins I have some photos of our dispatchers panel for the HO layout at my club. Most places will not need something like this but it is interesting to look at. It operates signals, has detection, and controls turn outs. We also have local control panels at various locations and our dcc dc interface that allows one to run either dcc or dc on our layout. In addition to that there is the manual that covers the panel and much of the club layout although we do need to do some updates on it.

P1010283-350x338.jpg P1010288 copy-350x467.jpg

The two photos above show some over all shots of the front and back of the dispatchers panel. This was built by one man who bought everything and decided to build this one day. It is my understanding that this contains lots of recycled wire that one of our members was able to salvage from building updates.

P1010289-200x267.jpg P1010291-230x169.jpg P1010292-230x188.jpg

As you can see a panel is not complete with out a comprehensive manual to show schematics of circuits, wiring diagrams and pictures of connections and installations on the layout. The pages have many photos showing the signal and detction systems as well as the dcc hook ups that are else where as well as the switch routing circutry and the aspects that can be shown. The manual is still being added to. The picture below shows our member responsible for all this magic. Bob T an electrical engineer by trade put all of the stuff together and literally wrote the book on it. In addition to being tremendously talented he is a genuine all around great guy, every club should have one guy like this.