East Texas Model Railroad Club (ETMRC)
HO and N Scale Model Railroading in Commerce, Texas


ETMRC 1512 Pecan Street, Commerce, Texas (903) 217-5844 28 Jan 2018


SECTION 1. The principle office shall be in the CITY OF COMMERCE, COUNTY OF HUNT, STATE OF TEXAS and the name of the resident agent in charge thereof is PRESIDENT OF THE CLUB, 1512 PECAN STREET, COMMERCE, Tx 75428. The mailing address will be that of the Treasurer,


SECTION 1. The authority for the within By-Laws is derived from the Constitution of the ETMRC under Article VI entitled By-Laws and further by the statutes of the state of Texas.

SECTION 2. The purpose of the By-Laws is:

To set down rules which are to be followed in regulating the general affairs of the Corporation;

To advise the rights, duties and powers of the membership and officers in relation to the Corporation and among themselves; and

To make legal provisions for a ballot on any matter which in the judgment of the membership may be necessary and proper,


SECTION 1. A regular Business meeting shall be held once a month at 9:00 A.M. The place of the meeting shall be at the club house, named "The Junction." The date of the Business Meeting shall be set at the previous month's meeting and published in the newsletter.

SECTION 2. Special meetings for the membership may be held as decided by the officers.

SECTION 3. Meetings will be held at the "The Junction." In the event a clubhouse is not available, meetings will be held at member's homes in a round robin approach until such time as a permanent meeting place is acquired. The date of the meeting shall be at the selection of the member hosting the meeting.

SECTION 4. The order of business at each meeting of the membership shall be as follows:

  1. Call meeting to order,
  2. Reading of the minutes of the last meeting;
  3. Treasurer's report;
  4. Metroplex Council Report;
  5. A report on Old Business;
  6. Discussion;
  7. A report on New Business;
  8. Discussion;


SECTION 1. At the meeting in March of each year, nominations for officers for the coming one-year period will be made from the floor

  1. The secretary shall include a ballot in the next months meeting notice listing the nominees to be returned to the secretary in time for the April meeting count.

SECTION 2. At the meeting in April, each member present will prepare a written ballot, make their choice and present the folded ballot to the Secretary.

SECTION 3. The presiding officers will count the votes and announce the results.

SECTION 4. Voting on any other matters coming before the membership shall be handled by voice vote. However, any member can request a secret ballot on any matter coming before the membership


SECTION 1. The President shall perform the usual duties of such Officer and shall preside at all meetings.

SECTION 2. The Vice-President shall aid and assist the President in any way possible and shall act as President when the President is absent. The Treasurer shall conduct business if the President and Vice-President are unavailable. The Secretary shall conduct business if the President, Vice-President, and Treasurer are unavailable.

SECTION 3. The duties of the Secretary shall be as follows:

  1. To keep minutes of all meetings;
  2. To notify all members of meeting times and places;

SECTION 4. The duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:

  1. To sign, countersign or attest all official papers;
  2. To maintain a file of all papers, letters and all other written matter prepared by or received by ETMRC.
  3. Make or authorize all disbursements of ETMRC funds;
  4. To keep a record of all funds received and funds paid out by the ETMRC;
  5. To balance the books and prepare a written financial report to cover each calendar year. This financial report will be so arranged as to show separately the transactions of each year;
  6. Give an oral financial report at each meeting. This report is to cover the time period since the last meeting.

SECTION 4. The duties of the Metroplex Council Representative as follows:

  1. Attend each meeting of the Council on its appointed day, generally Tuesday of the third full week of the month. The representative shall appoint a proxy if unable to attend and provide a signed proxy form. The Representative shall present an oral report of the council actions at the following ETMRC business meeting.

SECTION 5. The duties of the Board of Directors shall be as noted in the ETMRC constitution.


SECTION l. Committees may be appointed by the President as required for the particular tasks that may arise. The duties of the respective person or persons under this article shall be determined by the Officers of the Corporation.


SECTION 1. The above By-Laws may be changed as provided by the Article VI, Section 2, of the ETMRC Constitution. However, the amendment of the By-Laws must be:

  1. Consistent with the laws of the state of Texas and of the United States;
  2. Consistent with the corporate charter;
  3. Consistent with reason;
  4. Capable of being complied with.


SECTION 1. All personal equipment shall be marked with the color code selected by the member when they joined ETMRC. All equipment left at The Junction not marked shall become the property of ETMRC. The ETMRC colors are Black/Black.